Variety Talent Showcase Finalists 2016 

Variety Talent Showcase December 2016 (Part 4) Finalists -
Wanda Ray Willis-Raynor (1st Place-Center Left), Lorinda Hawkins Smith (2nd Place-Center Right),
Deborah Ishida (3rd Place-Left) and Glasme Parker (4th Place-Right). 

Variety Talent Showcase September 2016 (Part 3) Finalists.
Wanda Ray Willis-Raynors-Raynor (1st place-Center),
Lorinda Hawkins Smith (2nd place-Right),
Deborah Ishida (2nd place tie-Left).

Variety Talent Showcase June 2016 (Part 2) Finalists.
1st Place-Center: J. Laconn,
2nd Place-Left: Justin Chinyere,
3rd Place-Right: Whenda Woolley
Variety Talent Showcase March 2016 (Part 1) Finalists
Glasme Parker (3rd Place-Right),
Valerie Henderson (2nd Place-Left) and
Maggi Mayfield (1st place-Center)

Monologue Slam 2015 

4th Round
Winners of the 4th Round Monologue Slam (December 2015)
Jameson Cherilus (Left - 2nd Place)
Kandace Caine (Center 1st Place)
Sparkle (Right-2nd Right)

3rd Round
Winners of the 3rd Round Monologue Slam (September 2015)
Amira Whitaker (Left - tied 3rd Place)
Sparke (Center Left 1st Place)
Samantha Trzyna (Center Right 2nd Place)
Jameson Cherilus (Right tied 3rd Place)
2nd Round
Herve Ambwa (Left-2nd Place) 
Adam Myers Center-(1st Place) 
Brittany Nicolay (Right-2nd Place) 
1st Round
1st Place- Kandace Caine (Center)
2nd Place- Erica Pitts (Left) 
3rd Place- Ashlei Murray (Right)

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