Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Farewell QWF

The Quarterly Wrap Festival has come to a rewarding end. Over the span of four years QWF produced a total of 8 film screenings, 8 talent showcases, 5 networking mixers and one agent/manager speaker series. Let's not forget that 8 of our events provided fully catered food from India Sweets & Spices. Multiple prizes were given out, actors received representation and hundreds attended. 

Our last event was a spectacular conclusion to a successful journey. I was barely in LA for two when I embarked upon this courageous endeavor and in return I've been blessed. I've met so many great people and many of you were cast in my projects. I hope you found this experience equally satisfying. 

As a reminder, QWF ended with all good intentions. It's a sweet farewell and set up for the next chapter of my adventure. All of you made it possible and our partnership with the Mayme A. Clayton Library and Museum made it a reality.   

A special thanks to our judges and our incredible host Vida Ghaffari who not only did an amazing job but she also got us media coverage. Please check out the articles brought to you by So Very Vida and RPLOG.  

Story # 1

Story # 2

Story # 3

This is perhaps the last email you will receive from this account but I hope it's not the last time I'll see you.

We made history together so let our stories live forever.

Feel free to visit the photos from last event and revisit the archives anytime. 
Also, if you missed Late-Night Kimchi or you would like to see it again. Here's the LINK

Wishing each and every Quarter Wrapper an abundance of creative success, theatrical bookings, project greenlights and completions.

Motown Maurice
Festival Director
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