The Quarterly Wrap Festival (QWF) was founded in Los Angeles, California (March 2013) by Motown Maurice. The festival came to an end on December 10, 2016. Four times a year, at the end of each quarter (March, June, September & December) QWF tailored a unique showcase targeting a wide range of actors, filmmakers and industry professionals in the Los Angeles area. During its first two years, QWF maintained a focus on film screenings. In 2015 the festival evolved into a series of monologue slams competitions. In 2016 QWF transformed into a Variety Talent Showcase welcoming a range of singers, dancers, poets, stand-up comedians and more.    


The ultimate goal of the Quarterly Wrap Festival was to create a collaborative atmosphere aimed towards bringing exposure to independent up-and-coming artist. Serving as a conduit, the Quarterly Wrap Festival strived to provide a unique experience designed to showcase, network and celebrate each other’s accomplishments while providing an avenue of discovery for emerging creators. Mission accomplished! 

Final Results

During the span of four years QWF produced a total of 16 festivals, 5 networking mixers and one agent/manager speaker series. 8 festival provided fully catered food from India Sweets & Spices. Multiple prizes were given out to actors and hundreds attended.  

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