Quarterly Wrap Festival Staff

Motown Maurice, QWF Director 
Before venturing into the world of Hollywood entertainment, Motown Maurice began producing community based live interactive talk shows in his hometown Tampa, FL. Through those experiences, he discovered his personal legend, as The Future of Late Night Television. Among his pursuit to claim late night glory, he is also a man his whose voice, vision, and actions speak volumes towards entertaining and inspiring. Motown Maurice founded the Quarterly Wrap Festival with the sole purpose of uniting filmmakers and like minded industry artists. During the festivals inauguration year, Motown hosted all 4 Wrap Fests. This year, Motown is excited about sharing the opportunity with another worthy host. When he's not directing the festival or being featured on popular television shows, you can find him plotting the next phase of his odyssey on a biographical comedy web series entitled,
                                           The Late Night Experiment  (www.LateNightExperiment.com)

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